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Algorithm for purchasing land

Обновлено: 7 дек. 2023 г.

I have been using it since 2007 in consulting contracts for the purchase of land in Montenegro. 42 real estate transactions. These are part of the obligations; we draw up a full agreement at the first consultation.

1. Analysis of documentation: owners, rights of other persons, encumbrances, purpose of land, technical conditions of urbanism, general and detailed plans or location studios. Optional - geodesy, geology, etc.

Result of the analysis: development formula, area, planned costs and profit.

2. Inspection of the boundaries indicated by the geometer. Video recording of borders.

3. Inspect the road to the site for possible obstacles for the passage of vehicles and construction equipment.

4. Meet your neighbors. (Contacts are passed on to the Customer) Studying possibilities for changes. For example, in the Bech-1 project, a parking lot was specially built for the neighbors in order to be able to install a concrete pump to supply concrete.

5. Inspection of sun exposure and the location of nearby infrastructure.

6. Inspection of communications: electricity, water supply, sewerage.


I’ll finish here, the rest of the actions are in the contract.

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In the following posts, the construction algorithm is based on the example of the “Villa Irina” project and 682 videos of construction stages. (#videoreviews #landinMontenegro #algorithm)#видеообзоры #землявчерногории #алгоритм)

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