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Does the seller and buyer want to pay intermediaries?

Обновлено: 7 дек. 2023 г.

Of the top ten results in Google for the query “real estate in Montenegro” there are only two ad sites, the rest are agencies. Moreover, advertisements are duplicated both on websites and in agencies. The seller promises and is ready to sign contracts just to sell. But when it comes to a deal, giving up your hard-earned money is not easy.

I will give two examples from my practice:

A friend asked for help selling an apartment that he received as payment for a contract to waterproof a building. The possibility of lowering the price due to compensation made this offer interesting for the buyer and the agencies.

At that time I was not involved in selling real estate, but my YouTube channel from my previous project functioned well. I did my job by posting an ad on the channel.

The agency contacted me, and I passed on the seller’s contacts, since I did not plan to earn anything from this transaction. This was my mistake.


As a result, the seller and buyer were dissatisfied. They felt that they had overpaid the agency.

In fact, agencies have.....

Both the seller and the buyer want to bypass the agencies so as not to pay.

One person goes to inspect and get acquainted until he receives contact with the seller (#withoutintermediaries #безпосредников)

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