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These are the unfinished houses you can see in Montenegro.

Обновлено: 7 дек. 2023 г.

I was offered a fairly good amount of work in a row - to finish an unfinished house. I refused.

I am sure that someone will finish it, and these defects will be beautifully hidden for some time.

And someone will buy apartments there.

Added one more to my list of checked objects.

Take the opportunity to know such objects before purchasing.

In the following posts, the construction algorithm is based on the example of the “Villa Irina” project and 682 videos of construction stages. (#problemhousesinmontenegro #constructioninmontenegro #analysisofrealestateinmontenegro#проблемныедомавчерногории #строительствовчерногории #анализнедвижимостивчерногории)

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