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I am Andriy Zasidko - your support in Montenegro

Don't rush to buy real estate.

I'll tell you about the pros and cons, about the nearest infrastructure.
I will make a detailed analysis of the condition of the building.

I find out about neighbors and prices, so as not to make a mistake and not pay too much.

Order a video review and analysis of the property you have selected.

I participate in transactions on the side of the Customer/Buyer and respect his interests.

My task is to save your money and time in a foreign country.

2500 contacts in different fields and levels in Montenegro, from builders to lawyers, politicians and senior officials.

I provide recommendations on all transactions/contracts.


Objects I have built

16 years of experience living and working in Montenegro in the fields of real estate, construction and services.

Construction - under my personal leadership, 6 objects were built in Montenegro.

The commercial director of the main contractor participated in the construction of

Real estate - 38 purchase and sale transactions without intermediaries. I know how to buy correctly.

I select land plots for construction and agriculture.

I find owners by a photograph of an object and the name of a settlement, or the number of a plot in the cadastre, using connections and acquaintances at the local level.

I manage the operation of facilities.

I conduct examination and analysis before purchasing.

I help create and maintain a business.

Please leave your contact.
I will contact you shortly.

Information sent. Thank you!

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